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SDG HBO Challenge

What is the SDG-Challenge?

The SDG-Challenge pairs up student- consultant teams from 10 Universities of Applied Sciences with organizations in the Netherlands. Each consultant team consists of 8 -12 students with interdisciplinary backgrounds. The teams work with leading organizations to solve a challenge in regards to the SDG’s or incorperating the SDG’s in UAS education. The idea with the most impact wins!

In 2015, the United Nations came up with the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals, to create peace and prosperit y for people and the planet. Soapbox created the SDG-Challenge, because they see the potential in student s to generate fresh ideas and create change.

Why participate?
  • A chance to work on the SDGs and make real impact on the world.
  • Gain valuable work experience working on real challenge for an organization.
  • Build connections with like-minded students and organizations (that could be future employers).
  • Linkedin Certification.

Time investment?
  • The challenge will take about 4 -5 days of your time, spread out over 3 month.
  • The challenge will consist of a kickof f, a sprint day, YES-DG day and the grand finale in which the
    winner will be announced!

More information?

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys
Datum en tijd
14 februari - 20 april 2023


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