Think Bigger Award

Every year, the Think Bigger Award is presented to a staff member and a student who made their mark as an example of excellence of growth by assiduity and challenge (Think Bigger). The award is in keeping with our social assignment: offering inspiring, challenging and outstanding higher vocational training. Every year, during the opening ceremony of the academic year, the award is presented by the Board of Directors 

Assessment criteria
The educational achievement is judged on the basis of the following criteria: 

  •  Connection with the Fontys core values.
  • Originative and/or innovative, not yet existing and not yet ‘invented’.  
  • Collaboration with various institutions and services.
  • Connections with the professional field.
  • Use of TEC skills (Technology, Entrepreneurship and Creativity) 
  • A declaration of support by the management, the Head of Studies or colleagues is an additional asset.  

Entry and voting procedure
Every staff member or student can enter the competition or can be nominated by someone else. The entry can also be done by a group of two or more staff members or students. Entering is possible from Monday, June 4 to Thursday, June 28 via the entry form on the website. Voting period: from July 4 to July 8. 

The jury will assess the entries and nominations in accordance with the criteria stated above. 
The jury is comprised of three permanent members and two non-permanent members: the winner of the staff members’ category and that of the students’ category of the previous year. The chairperson is appointed by the Board of Directors, the other members by the Marketing and Communication Service. The membership period is six years at most.  

The current jury is comprised as follows:
Anton van den Brink (managing director)
Liesbeth Faas (winner category staff members 2017)
Jochem Goedhals (consultant)
Erik van Merriënboer (outside chairperson)
Tim Vissers (winner category students 2017)

The names of the winners of the two categories will be included in the gallery of award winners (building R3/R4); in addition, they receive a sum of €3,000 (three thousand Euros) each. If a winning entry is a collaboration project of multiple persons, the prize money will be allocated proportionally.  

The photo and film footage made by the organizing committee at the award ceremony, can be used for promotional purposes by the Fontys University of Applied Sciences.  Participating in the Fontys Think Bigger Competition automatically implies that the participants give their assent to Fontys University of Applied Sciences to use their entry for publicity purposes. If required, participants will collaborate in promotional manifestations of Fontys University of Applied Sciences.  In addition, the nominees will be committed to promote the Fontys Think Bigger Award as part of their own publicity activities.  

The prize money has been granted by the Board of Directors. The Marketing and Communication Service is responsible for the organization, the procedure and the financial management.