Expert Distributed sensor systems

I am Jeedella S.Y. Jeedella, was born in Palestine and studied electrical engineering there. After my study I received a scholarship and studied at TU/e where I graduated in 1993. I started my career at Delft University of Technology and after two years, obtained a position at Philips as system designer. In 2008 I was offered a position for a couple of years at Khalifa university in UAE. When I returned to the Netherlands in 2012, Fontys Electrical & Electronic Engineering offered me the position of senior lecturer and since 2016, I am the Electrical & Electronic Engineering curriculum coordinator. During this period I published several papers for international conferences and journal articles. I also contributed with text book chapters. I am dedicated to challenge and train our students with real-life challenges and work with them to improve the curriculum and carry out research. I want to offer the best Electrical & Electronic Engineering program in the region, especially in the field of embedded systems, electronic systems and iinnovation engineering. We want to deliver an excellent program that is interesting for both industry and students. It should attract the interest of regional,national and international students.The big challenge is how to achieve this with the people at hand since we are short on skilled lecturers/researchers, and facing a high demand for our students in the region. I work at TU/e one day a week and carried out research projects, among others a project where students controlled a game with brain waves.The students were both from Electrical & Electronic and Mechatronics Engineering programs. Another project I worked on is about a real-time platform;  five students developed hardware and software components they used to demonstrate the Comp SOC  platform. I also work on a proof of concept for an indoor autonomous guided vehicle, using a reconfigurable System on Chip platform. Since this platform is reconfigurable it can be used for many applications. Our advantage in comparison with Technical Universities in general is, that we carry out applied research with industry, to solve real life challenges. Accordingly, our students are challenged with multidisciplinary projects that provide real-life contexts for their study at Fontys. The out of the box thinking of students offers them lots of freedom and contributes to our motto: Think bigger. We are developing more expertise in embedded systems, electronic systems and innovation engineering. These are key focus areas for our students, industry, and research centres and universities, and we want to initiate more applied research projects. These specialisations are used in many application areas. We aim to distinguish ourselves as THE party, specialised in these three focus areas and earn national and international recognition for our expertise.By installing clouds we develop communities that allow students, industry and research centres and universities to conceive, design, implement, and operate new products and systems together.  
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