Autonomous toilet cleaning robot


The long-term goal for this project is to develop a fully autonomous toilet cleaning robot, to assist janitors at universities and companies. The boundaries of this semester 7 project is to develop the mechanics, the hardware and the low level control.

Toilet cleaning is currently not really a profession with a lot of prestige, it is a dirty job and employees get exposed to harmful bacteria. This robot will be an assistant for the janitor to solve these problems. For this reason RoboHub Eindhoven chose to start a long-term research and development project for a toilet cleaning robot.

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

Period of time

September 2019 till February 2020


1. Jules van Horen
2. Mike van Lieshout
3. Remco Kuijpers
4. Shirley Gavilanez
5. Robert Stasulli
6. Omar Ouali
7. Juul Wolters
8. Obaida Alaidy


Fontys tutor

Albert Aslan


Robohub Eindhoven