Design of a bioreactor device


Device 8-shape movement for the fermentation of biochemical substances

The goal is to design a bioreactor as cheap and reliable as possible and validate it with a FUMO. The machine needs to produce an 8-shape movement where at each point of the movement also a tilt angle relative to the horizontal position of the 8-shape is made. The project started with determining the requirements and the scope of the project. The big challenge here was that some people wanted the go into very detailed requirements (tolerances, play etc.) while they forgot that such detail was time consuming and not immediately necessary for designing the bioreactor. During the design phase people in the project group had different expectations of how the design problem should be tackled even when everyone used the same source of designing method (Methodical design). The most challenging aspect of the designing phase was that everything was interconnected. This made planning difficult but it also meant that a very thin line exists between basic calculations for the design and complex calculations for optimizing an already existing design. The project has come up with a concept that uses bars, a guidance system and two motors to generate the 8-pattern and shake the back turbulently in that pattern. The result is a cheap and reliable design that can compete in the applicable work field of fermenting biochemical substances.

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys
Period of time

September 2019 till February 2020


1.    Thomas, Leyten
2.    Tom, Swinkels
3.    George, Calayji
4.    Joshua, Nierop
5.    Matthijs, Turk
6.    Ivan, Tamborero de Groot
7. Yannick, Freij

Precision Engineering

Fontys tutor

Remco Rutten