FEMM-Line Pick and Place Machine


Students improve a previous designed pick and place machine and make improve it.

Make adjustments to the designed pick and place machine to make it to work. This machine is a part of the FEMM-Line project from Fontys. The goal of this project is to make a ‘in house’ Printed Circuit Board (PCB) facility. With this, the student can learn the process and make PCB’s for future projects.

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys
Period of time

September 2019 till February 2020


1. Roel Drenth
2. Thijs de Haas
3. Thijs de Jong
4. Tom van Hoek
5. Marjolein Daanen
6. Peter Theuws
7. Josua Thaler
8. Ruben Lafarre


Fontys tutor

Paul Goede