Facility Analysis and EV charging proposal


Analyse the energy consumption of the UPS Eindhoven facility and come up with a proposal for charging the electrical vehicles UPS Eindhoven requires an energy management strategy and planning for their new parcels' handling facility in line with Dutch government directives on energy performance for buildings. The intended added value for UPS is give a better insight in their energy us in the current facility and to provide a path to a less environmental impact using electric vehicles.

Period of time

September 2019 till February 2020

Student group

1. Dennis Kolen
2. Stefan van Nieuwenhoven
3. Thom Spermon
4. Majd Alshasqi
5. Amr Maghoub
6. Nasser Al-aamri
7. Ilse Heuvelmans.


Fontys tutor

Wim Broekman