EMG-driven exoskeleton that guides the patient's hand to regain fingers mobility.

Handex is a hand rehabilitation device created with the purpose of helping people regain their fingers strength and mobility. Sensors and machine learning algorithms are used to detect the activity in these muscles and identify the intention of specific movements. Following identification, an exoskeleton can assist the hand accordingly.

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

Period of time

September 2019 till February 2020


1. Bianca Ion
2. Wen-Shiou Lin
3. Georgiana Argeiti Valdes
4. Borislav Nikolov
5. Ben van Heeswijk
6. Niek Laskarzewski
7. Noelia Civico Dorado
8. Jokin Zubelzu Uranga
9. Fenny Verdiesen

Electrical Engineering

Fontys tutor

1. Qin Zhou
2. Chris Lee