Handex – Hand exoskeleton HandEx


An exoskeleton that guides the patients hand to regain fingers mobility.

The assignment that was given to us is to research an existing exoskeleton hand and improve on that design. What sets our rehabilitation device apart, is the operation of the finger movements where the joints are able to move individually.

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys
Period of time

September 2019 till february 2020


1.    Gillianne Conquet
2.    Harm Cornelissen
3.    Harm Derks
4.    Ali Ghanem
5.    Leon Haneveer
6.    Jaipredeev Poinoosawmy
7.    Thomas van de Water
8.    Gijs Wiggers
9.    Thomas van de Water

Fontys tutor

Pablo Negrete Rubio