Modular E-Scooter Sheltering


A shelter where you can store and charge your E-scooter in a sustainable way The assignment is to design a modular shelter for E-scooters in Barcelona to reduce the many fines given for placing the E-scooters in unwanted places. The shelter will make it easier to park, so more E-scooters will be used which leads to less cars. It is also an affordable transport and you are much more flexible and faster with an E-scooter in the city than a car.

Period of time

September 2019 till September 2020

Student group

1.Mohab Mahgoub
2.Nooreldin Mahgoub
3.Gilbert Coolen
4.Kim Verheijen
5.Merijn Schut
6.Roel Sengers
7.Clara Martín
8.Joan Olivé
9.Adrián Pérez
10.Ruben Uceda

Innovation Engineering

Fontys tutor

Kennedy Aduda