Residual heat from the Dutch industry

Creating an overview of the problems and solutions regarding residual heat from the Dutch industry. As a result of industrialization the earth is faced by climate change. To counteract climate change the Dutch industry has to become more sustainable in its energy use. A lot of energy is lost in the form of residual heat from industrial processes.

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys
Period of time

September 2019 till Februaru 2020


1. Teun Corstens
2. Phine van Hattum
3. Efthekher Khan
4. Sam Nonnekes
5. Hilbert Oldenhuis
6. Guus van der Putten
7. Sander Verheijen

Energy Engineering

Fontys tutor

Ewoud van der Koogh


Volantis B.V.