Smart Mobility


We will focus on the implementation of the E-step technology within the cities of Eindhoven and Ulm. The goal is to improve the public transport systems within the cities Eindhoven and Ulm by using electronic steps. The steps are already an existing technology, so we will focus on the implementation of the technology within the city, including improving the charging stations, ease of use and anti-theft techniques.

Period of time

September 2019 till February 2020

Student group

1. Stijn Winkelmolen
2. Elsie Harper-Tarr
3. Jorrit Senden
4. Jack Cox
5. Emma van Dongen
6. Samuel Rafenstein (Ulm)
7. Alexander Kiltau (Ulm)
8. Siemon Clauser (Ulm)
9. Gabriel Suske (Ulm)
10. Adrian Schaude (Ulm)
11. Julian Schubert (Ulm)
12. Alex Haisch (Ulm)

Innovation Engineering

Fontys tutor

Hay Geraedts