Smart Wrist Airspace Tracking Device (S.W.A.T.D.)

This project started as a project for a minor. The goal of this project was in this project the goal was to make something for the Delta Advanced Automation Contest from Delta Electronics. This resulted in the development of the Smart Wrist, a very fast and accurate positioning system. It was decided to continue the project as a project for semester 7 because of the great success of the previous project. In the continuation of the Smart Wrist project the goal was to further develop the Smart Wrist for an application so that it became a marketable product.

The S.W.A.T.D. is an advanced drone tracking system which will provide the necessary security and privacy to places where the inappropriate use of the drones can cause significant harm. This innovative system can accurately track multiple drones at the same time, and it has been developed at Fontys University of Applied Sciences with the support of Delta Electronics.

Period of time

September 2019 till february 2020


Dirk Alferink | Teun van der Coer | Ximena Gamarra Siapo | Jorg Guelen | Nils Hagemann | Tom Kerkhofs | Fleur Kisters | Nienke van der Krabben | Robert Quinten | Mike Rovers | Nikhil Saxena | Leroy Vossenberg | Bart van der Wielen | Abraham Wisman

Innovation Engineering

Fontys tutor

Willem van de Groep, Nico van der Aa


Delta Electronics