Smart irrigation system

Most farmers spray their entire fields with pesticides and water. This means that they also spray these liquids at places where there are no crops, or where these liquids aren’t needed. This ensures that most of the water and pesticides are wasted. Though it is important to provide those crops with water and pesticides so society has enough food, it can be done a lot more efficient. Therefore, Fontys has come up with a project to improve the common used irrigation systems. This improvement includes the use of drones. The benefit of drones is that they can reach any kind of crop and won’t crush or damage them. Drones can also fly over high crops or trees, which means it is implementable for every type of crop. The goal of this project is to implement an irrigation system on an autonomous flying  drone.

Period of time

September 2019 till February 2020


• Jarne van Gemert
• Dirk Floren
• Robin Broeren
• Stan Smolders
• Fabian van Doren
• Harvey van den Dungen
• Tim Schreinemachers
• Freek Vullers


Fontys tutor

Theo Huberts