The factory of the future


KMWE designs and builds improving high-tech components. KMWE is growing strongly and mainly manufactures small batches. KMWE would like to increase the production capacity by automating the manufacturing process. Partly due to the development and deployment of automation they are building the industry 4.0. One of the sub-projects in this roadmap is the implementation of advanced-manufacturing-logistics. The goal is to put more machines into a certain number of square meters to accomplish a more efficient manufacturing process which results in a higher production capacity.  

Period of time

September 2019 till February 2020

Student group

1. Rens Bell
2. Wessel Blok
3. Ivo Mix
4. Kars van Baardwijk
5. Lex van Saane
6. Sergio Morancho Vela
7. Nick Paijens

Precision Engineering

Fontys tutor

Hein van de Vrande