Portable Respirator Systems

Portable respirators are vital medical equipment for many situations, hospitals, ambulances and first aid in case of military actions. Demcon (a company in Eindhoven) has developed such a respirator. When developing equipment like this, a lot of aspects have to be taken into account:

  • Medical aspects: how does the respiration of human beings work, what is the volume of air that we inhale (which is not the same for all people), how does a respiration unit affect the human breathing, safety aspects (maximum allowable air pressure), etcetera.
  • Mechanical aspects: how to attach the tubes to the equipment and to a human being (mouth-nose piece), how to measure the flow, how to control the flow, dimensions of the tubes, material of the tubes, housing of the electrical parts (such as motors and battery pack), motor fan, maximum weight etc.
  • Electrical & electronic aspects: which motors (low noise and low power) and motor drivers can be used, how to drive and control the motors, how can essential signals like pressure and flow be measured, how can the controller be implemented in a microcontroller (MCU).

In the fall semester of 2018, two second year Fontys Engineering projects were executed to conduct a feasibility study on how this system can be developed. Our project will use the results of these former projects to develop a proof of concept of an improved and energy efficient portable respirator system.


The result of this project will be energy efficient portable respirator system characterized by:

• Brushless DC motor driving the fan : low energy usage, low noise, long lifetime & high reliability
• Integrated sensors enabling automatic respiration parameter settings
• Automatic wireless respiration parameter data transfer to the cloud to facilitate data enabled design.
• Remote diagnostics
• It can be used with sustainable energy supply by means of solar energy in combination with battery
• Low weight and low cost design for rural areas.


Jeedella Jeedella (Projectleader Fontys Hogeschool Engineering), Harold Benten (Fontys Hogeschool Engineering), Esmaeil Najafi (Fontys Hogeschool Engineering), Antoine de Waal (Fontys Hogeschool Engineering), Ton Gielen (Fontys Hogeschool Engineering), Geert-Jos Maazen (Fontys Paramedische Hogeschool), Sjef van Gastel (Fontys Hogeschool Engineering)


September 2019 t/m January 2020


Jeedella Jeedella

08850 78148