Application of Model Based Design: Demonstrations

This project is the successor of Model Based Design (MBD): Demonstrations. The main goal of this  project is to demonstrate the use of MBD methodology to develop an example of an CPS (a cyber-physical system) namely an autonomous two wheel self-balancing Cobot. Accordingly, modern technologies and  tools are involved  to build this demonstrator which can be used to develop other CPS’s. This demonstrator can be shown during open days and also published in the Internet which is quite interesting for both Fontys and the involved companies.

Also these results can be used to make a proposal for RAAK-Pro subsidy project.

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

  • Showcase the importance of MBD methodology with professional tooling when designing cyber physical system .
  • The used case study  to show the above is developing a  two cooperative self-balancing CoBots that can  do synchronized tasks such as dancing together.
  • Prepare a RAAK-Pro subsidy proposal  together with Adaptive Robotic and High-tech embedded software lectoraats.

Jeedella Jeedella (projectleider), Antoine de Waal, Ton Gielen, Esmaeil Najafi, Fedor Zorin, Jos Hegge (Verum), Duncan Stiphout (Sioux), Toon Hermans (Demcon)

Timeline project

Januari t/m juli 2019.

Onderzoekslijn Distributed Sensor Systems

Jeedella Jeedella

08850 78148


Jeedella Jeedella