Demonstrations (Model Based Design)

Cyber physical system (CPS) is an integration of the physical processes with the information processes. A CPS system has different components such as embedded computers, sensors or actuators and network that are linked together so they can act and interact together to form a new function. CPS systems involves multi-disciplinary engineering and require merging a lot of diverse knowledge such as mechanical, electronics and software.

The students in Fontys specializing in either in Electrical Engeineering, mechatronics, mechanical and automotive engineering follow specialized courses in their discipline separately. However, there are a limited opportunities for the students from these disciplines to work together to solve an engineering problem. This project challenges the second & fourth year students with a real life problem where they will use modern technologies and modern tools to solve it. The to be build demonstrators can be shown during open days and also published in the Internet which is quite interesting for both Fontys and the involved companies.

  •          Develop and verify a physical model in Matlab/Simulink/simscape for the Pitsco TETRIX PRIME platform.
  •          Develop and verify a controller for the control model in Matlab/Simulink/simscape for the Pitsco TETRIX PRIME platform.
  •          Validate and verify the controller using code generation from Simulink.
  •          Design/implement/verify an interfacing circuit for the motor controller and the different sensors.
  •          Integrating the mechanical parts, electronic circuits, actuators, sensors, software and networks to demonstrate the system
Project team

Jeedella Jeedella (projectleider), Antoine de Waal, Ton Gielen, Qin Zhou, Albert Aslan, Esmaeil Najafi

Students: Kristian Snel, Roy Raaijmakers, Rob van Amsterdam, Rob Ekelmans, Niels giesbers, Freek Rutten, Stijn Groen, Vincent Phillipart, Josst Giesberts, Amina Mokhtar, Jan Roelofs, Koen Steeghs, Vlad Svarnovics, Amir Sedaqat, Bas Jeurissen, Stevn Dubrosse, Nathan Zefanya Hardjito, Freddy Wijaya


April 2018 till January 2019

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

Research group Distributed Sensor Systems

Jeedella Jeedella

08850 78148

Project manager

Jeedella Jeedella

08850 78148