Expert Distributed Sensor Systems

I am Chris Lee, the research leader of the Distributed Sensor Systems research line. I have a background in physics and chemistry, with a small side helping of mathematics. My research carrier has been rather varied. As a PhD student, I worked on the development of new laser-like sources for spectroscopy and communications. At the same time, I helped develop new techniques to rapidly and sensitively distinguish different crystal forms for drugs—different crystal forms have different solubility, which leads to varying drug effectiveness.

After graduating, I moved to the University of Twente and returned to working on lasers and light sources. However, during this time, I also became interested in microscopy. I helped work out the theory and models for several new forms of microscopy that would (when physically realized) enable researchers to see new details. With the development of integrated optical technology, we also moved in that direction. I helped develop new white-light sources, and ultra-stable tunable lasers, all based on glass waveguide chips, for spectroscopy and 5G antenna beamforming.

I also moved to the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Research to work on the surface spectroscopy and chemistry of extreme ultraviolet optical mirrors. These mirrors are used in the wafer steppers produced by ASML, where they are expected to survive a quite aggressive chemical environment. We developed several new techniques to observe and understand the chemistry of the mirror surface. These techniques were used to improve mirror fabrication, and to extend their lifetime.

When I moved to Fontys, my research interests changed again. I am interested in non-invasive monitoring techniques to help people and professionals improve healthcare. In this area, we have developed a new force sensor that may help orthotists improve the design of shoes for people who develop ulcers on their feet (typically diabetics). We are using sensor technologies to generate data that enables orthotists to improve their practice.

Personal research philosophy

I have a love for science and technology and am willing to work on any project that catches my interest. Our research at Distributed sensor systems is defined within three themes: health, sustainability, and intelligent sound and vision. These themes are broad enough that nearly any research topic can be accommodated. However, I also believe that our research must be guided and driven by someone within Fontys who is personally invested in the research. Furthermore, I strongly believe that research should have some prospect of providing a benefit to society. In collaboration with private businesses, local institutes, and other Fontys research groups, we work to provide cost effective, realistic solutions to a variety of problems. You can find examples of our current research on this website.

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