Why enroll for the master System Design?

It’s a career booster!

Become technical leader of machine development; controlling all technical disciplines; exploring a crucial role in the company. High tech machine development is an important pillar of the economy in the Eindhoven Brainport region and system designers are needed to serve this industry.

The fulltime variant takes 2 years with a graduation period (in industry) of 9 months; The part time variant takes around 3.5 years.

It develops high tech skills

The curriculum has been defined together with the industry to teach the master student in the right skills, knowhow and competences for designing complex systems. Lecturers from Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Mechatronics are involved in the technical disciplines. Project skills have been developed in collaboration with Fontys Economics and Communication. Supporting projects and the graduation project will let you practice your skills.

It connects you to industry

The industry, from Equipment Manufacturers to Suppliers are heavily involved in the content of the master. Guest lecturers, project examples and graduation projects are provided by industry. Part time students, coming from the industry and fulltime post-bachelor students create an industrial atmosphere. It also gives the fulltime students insight in future career possibilities.

Flexibility is given by starting points both in February and September