Plasma makes blue hydrogen

The chemical industry faces the enormous challenge of reducing its CO2 emissions by 40-50% before 2030 and even by more than 90% before 2050. Sustainable raw materials are essential for this, but economically viable solutions do not yet exist. Plasma chemistry offers unique possibilities to reuse CO2 to produce emission free CH4.

Project results

The objective of this TEC research project is to initiate a collaboration between Fontys and Differ aiming at the development of plasma reactor technology. We intent to provide a concrete proof of principle for sustainable value creation with this technology. We opt for methane plasmolysis to produce hydrogen and ethylene or carbon emission free hydrogen (blue hydrogen).

Project team

Peter Thune, Willem-Jan Harskamp, Urs Wyder, Chris Lee, Harold Benten,
TU/e, Nonequilibrium Fuel Conversion: Gerard van Rooij
DIFFER, Plasma Solar Fuels Devices: Richard van de Sanden


February 2020 till December 2020

Lectoraat Applied Natural Sciences

Peter Thune

08850 85193

Project leading

Peter Thune

08850 85193


Nonequilibrium Fuel Conversion (TU/e)
Plasma Solar Fuels Devices (Differ)