Towards Future Smart Plant Sensing System


This project is about continuing the work of the previous research: Wireless Sustainable Sensor Node (WiSSeN)

Towards highly integrated and self-sustained plant's health sensing system to enable precision farming.

Project results
  • Improve the modular wireless sensor open platform (Free License) developed in the predecessor of this project.
  • Extend the previous feasibility study and develop prototype of non-destructive plant’s health sensing during respiration and photosynthesis.
  • Feasibility study and prototyping of low-cost air flow sensors.
  • Develop a concept design for data collection in the cloud to use AI (deep learning, machine learning) algorithms to gain more insight about plant’s health from the collected data.
Project team

Fontys: Jeedella S.Y. Jeedella, Ercan Sengil, Chris Lee en Piet Slenders
Seven Steps to Heaven: Marc Kreuger
Botany: Peter Korsten
Vitec: Saujan Ghimire
Behoud van de Parel: Teus Hagen
Tree Nursery Ebben: Stef Janssen
Studenten: Frank Arts, Guus Baeten, Corstiaan Slob, Mike Rovers, Axel Acevedo Villalva, Jules Kuijpers, Afonso Marques, Tim van der AA, Rick Verboven, Job van der Werf, Luigi Gjergjaj, Jonathan Carty, Stan Hunnekens, Tijn Keulemans, Davinio Monissen, Reynaldo Dirksen, Frank Arts, Omar Mhaouch

Period of time

February 2020 till December 2020

Research group Distributed Sensor Systems

Project leader

Jeedella Jeedella

08850 78148


Tree Nursery Ebben
Seven Steps to Heaven
Behoud van de Parel