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  • Eveline van Zeeland

    Associate lector Eveline van Zeeland is leading the research group Smart Marketing and Strategy. Eveline’s specific research interest is how we can program technology (for example robots) in such a way that customers benefit from the technology and feel comfortable in the interaction with technology. She studied economics at the University of Tilburg and studied Psychology next to her professional career. She has been a teacher at the University of Tilburg, at the University of Maastricht and at a high school. She has been nominated for ‘teacher of the year’ at the University of Maastricht (2009) and has been awarded as teacher of the year at the high school Dr. Mollercollege (2007). Furthermore she has been a business consultant in the field of strategic HR. Currently she is doing a PhD-research under supervision of Prof. Dr. Jörg Henseler at the University of Twente. The topic of her PhD-research is trust within a business context, considered from a neuroscientific perspective.

    Eveline van Zeeland is known for her expertise in the field of neuromarketing. She is the author of Basisboek Neuromarketing, writes articles on neuromarketing for Magazine Clou, speaks on conferences on this topic and gives masterclasses on neuromarketing in relation to innovation and branding. She is an advocate of Design Science Research:

    Within this marketing world, that is changing so rapidly due to the upcoming of all kinds of technology, we need a focus on designing solutions for the challenges that we are facing”.

    Main Project: Chatbots & Ehealth

    Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

    Eveline van Zeeland

    Head of the research group

    06 - 83971619

    • Scientific

    E. van Zeeland & J. Henseler (2018). The behavioural response of the professional buyer on social cues from the vendor and how to measure it, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Vol 33(1), pp 72-83

    E. van Zeeland & J. Henseler (2018). Thinking outside the box: a neuroscientific perspective on trust in B2B-relationships, IMP Journal, vol 12(1), pp 75-110

    E. van Zeeland (2016). A neuroscientific perspective on trust and distrust in buyer-seller dyads’, Proceedings GSSI conference Birmingham (juni 2016)

    • Books

    Design Marketing met Customer Journey Mapping (Uitgeverij Vakmedianet, verwachte verschijningsdatum juni 2019)

    Zeeland, E. van (2016). Basisboek Neuromarketing. Neuro-onderzoek voor Marketing- en Communicatieprofessionals. Uitgeverij Coutinho, Bussum

    • Magazine Clou (in Dutch)

    Het nut van onzinopties, Clou nr 67 (april 2014)

    Schat in ons brein, Clou nr 68 (juli 2014)

    Hersenen voor dummies, Clou nr 69 (oktober 2014)

    Neuromarketing met een kleine N, Clou nr 70 (december 2014)

    Brain waves, Clou nr 71 (februari 2015)

    Verpakking: begeerte of pijn, Clou nr 72 (april 2015)

    Kop of munt?, Clou nr 73 (juli 2015)

    Management in het brein, Clou nr 74 (oktober 2015)

    Verborgen verleiders, Clou nr 75 (december 2015)

    Trends in neuromarketing, Clou nr 76 (februari 2016)

    Gamma-marketing, Clou nr 77 (mei 2016)

    Bibliometrie – social media onderzoek 3.0, Clou nr 78 (juli 2016)

    Au, dat doet pijn!, Clou nr 79 (oktober 2016)

    Van win-win naar happy-happy, Clou nr 80 (december 2016)

    De mooiste neuromarketingstudies van 2016, Clou nr 81 (februari 2017)

    The nanonet of things – neuromarketing op hoger plan, Clou nr 82 (mei 2017)

    De klant die nergens intrapt, Clou nr 83 (juli 2017)

    Een verrast gezicht, Clou nr 84 (oktober 2017)

    Richard Thaler – van rebel naar Nobelprijswinnaar, Clou nr 85 (december 2017)

    Besmet met het like-virus, Clou nr 86 (januari 2018)

    Chaos is een kans - van ‘Gen Y’ naar ‘Gen Z’. Clou. nr. 87 (april 2018)

    Neurosales – de nieuwe hype; genen, hormonen en lipstick. Clou. nr 88 (juli 2018)

    Design Science Research zoekt de verbetering: is het waar, nieuw, interessant? Clou Nr 89 (okt 2018)

    Meester Robot, ik gehoorzaam U! Clou Magazine, Nr 90 (dec 2018)

    World Cafe Method als marktonderzoekstechniek: briljant aan de bar. Clou Nr 91 (jan 2019)

    De Big Five van de beïnvloedingspsychologie. Clou Nr 92 (april 2019),

    • Columnist

    Vaste colmnist voor Innovation Origins:

    De #doeslief-robot kan wel een zusje gebruiken: #doeswijs (7 april 2019),  

    Nieuw DNA in de retail (28 april 2019),

    Vaste columnist voor Fontys BRON:

    Drieluik TEC in het Brein:

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    2. Het ondernemende brein:
    3. Het creatieve brein:


  • Bart Wernaart

    Mr. Dr. Bart Wernaart earned his master’s degree at Tilburg University (International law) in 2005, and his PhD degree at Wageningen University in 2013. He works as Legal expert and ethics lecturer at Fontys University of Marketing and Management, International Business. He is an author in the field of international law and ethics. Furthermore, he is a professional drummer, composer and conductor.

    In the research group Smart Marketing and Strategy, Bart’s main focus of attention is to represent the ethical and legal consciousness of the research group. At the moment he focusses on meta-ethics in the business spectrum, and more in particular on B2C-relations in which robotized processes and products are used.

    As a Post-Doctoral researcher Smart Society he embarked on a wide research agenda aiming at World Peace, focussing on global challenges from a value-based perspective in which the knowledge and skills of multiple Fontys Institutions are relevant. This research involves fundamental studies that relate to values in ethics, sociology, social studies, theology, macro-economics, technology and methodology, and case studies involving global challenges as fact free politics, informed choice & sustainability, autonomy of the person & social media, radicalization, privatisation, technology & power distribution. 

    Main Project: Moral Lab

    Bart Wernaart


    As (co)-author

    Meulen, B. van der. & Wernaart, B. (2019), Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and Codex Alimentarius Commission. In: Research handbook on the European Union’s engagement with international organizations. Edited by  Wessel, R. A.  & Odermatt, J.  Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.

    Wernaart, B. (2019). Enforcing the right to food: how rights-based are the best practices? In: Urazbueva, A. et al. (2019). The functional field of food law, reconciling the market and human rights. Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers.  

    Dijk, M. van & Wernaart, B. (2019). The right to food and trias politica: a Dutch reflection. In: Urazbueva, A. et al. (2019). The functional field of food law, reconciling the market and human rights. Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers.  

    Wernaart, B. (2018). Een modern Trolleyprobleem: Wie moet er dood? Dilemma’s rondom zelfdenkende technologie, whitepaper. Groningen: Noordhoff Uitgevers

    Wernaart, B. (2018). Ethics and business, a global introduction. Noordhoff: Groningen;

    Wernaart. B. & Meulen, B. van der. (2017). The Right to Food in International Law, with case studies from the Netherlands and Belgium. In: Steier, G. & Platel, K. (edts). International Food Law and Policy. New York: Springer;

    Wernaart, B. (2017). International business law: a global introduction. Groningen: Noordhoff Uitgevers.

    Swolfs, C. & Wernaart, B. (2017) Wet- en regelgeving in (praktijkgericht) onderzoek. In: Wouters, E. (edt). ethiek van praktijk gericht onderzoek. Houten: Bohn Stafleu van Loghum.

    Aarts, S., Schouten, G. & Wernaart, B. (2017). Ethiek in onderzoek van de toekomst; In: Wouters, E. (edt). ethiek van praktijk gericht onderzoek. Houten: Bohn Stafleu van Loghum

    Wernaart, B. (2015). Ethiek en Economie, een grensoverschrijdende inleiding. Groningen: Noordhoff Uitgevers;

    Meulen, B. van der. & Wernaart, B. (2015). Respect voor de rechter met de rechte rug. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Bestuursrecht (NTB 2015/34, 30 oktober 2015)

    Hadripayitno, I. & Wernaart, B. (2013). Droit à l'alimentation. In: Dutilleul, F.C. & Bugnicourt, J. (edts). Dictionnaire juridique de la sécurité alimentaire dans le monde, Brussels: Larcier;

    Wernaart, B. (2013). The human right to adequate food, a comparative study. Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers;

    Wernaart, B. (2010). Country report, the right to water in the Netherlands. European Food and Feed Law Review, volume 5, number 6, 2010;

    Wernaart, B. (2010). The plural wells of the right to food. In: Hospes, O. & Hadripayitno, I. (edts). Governing food security: law, politics and the right to food. Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers;

    Wernaart, B. (2009). Veiled justice, the courts’ compassionate case law regarding hunger. In: Meulen, B. van der. & Hospes, O. (edt). Fed up with the right to food? The Netherlands’ policies and practices regarding the human right to adequate food. Wageningen:  Wageningen Academic Publishers;

    As editor

    Urazbueva, A., Szajkowska, A., Wernaart, B., Franssens, N.T. & Vaskoska, R.S. (2019). The functional field of food law, reconciling the market and human rights. Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers.  

    Popular writing

    Blogger at

    Blogger at the Dutch media site (over 30.000 followers)

    Youtube channel:

  • Boudewijn Raessens

    Boudewijn Raessens graduated in business economics (Tilburg University). The titel of his PhD dissertation (TU Eindhoven) is ‘ICT, learning theory and customization in education’, an organizational strategic approach (De E-kubus). His main research interest is the impact of new technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence on business models.

     Main project: Social credits for volunteers


    Boudewijn Raessens


    Shopping Tomorrow (2019) Blockchain voorbij de hype. Whitepaper Shopping Tomorrow

    Shopping Tomorrow (2018)  Small & Medium Enterprises. Whitepaper Shopping Tomorrow.

    Shopping Tomorrow (2017)  Handvatten voor Digitale Transformatie  Shopping Tomorrow.

    Hummelink, M. & B. Raessens (2016) Inleiding Strategische Marketing Van plan naar implementatie.

    Amsterdam: Uitgever Boom.

    Raessens, B. (2015) E-business Digitaal in het centrum van elke strategie. Utrecht: BoomLemma.

    Raessens, B. (2015) Toekomstonderzoek basis voor actie. Utrecht: BoomLemma.

    Raessens, B. (2015) Praktijkonderzoek in Marketing en Communicatie Bussum: Coutinho.

    Raessens, B. (2011) Klantenbehoud in de 21 ste eeuw: de Connected customer, Tijdschrift E-commerce magazine jaargang 3 nr. 2 pp 10 - 11.

    Raessens, B. (2010) De E-kubus. In: R. Coppoolse R. en D. Vroegindewei (Red.) 75 Onderwijsmodellen. pp 67- 68 Groningen; Wolters-Noordhoff.

    Raessens, B. (2009) De E-kubus; ICT, leren en maatwerk. Utrecht: Lemma

    Raessens, B. (2008) Ondernemen in een veranderende wereld. Naar een nieuw businessmodel.

    Utrecht, Boom.

    Raessens, B. (2008) Dromen in een veranderende wereld; duurzaamheid als kans voor ondernemers.

    Tijdschrift Associatief, pp 23 - 28.

    Raessens, B. (2003) E-learning: de kracht van internet voor het nieuwe leren. Deventer: Uitgever Academic Service, pp 12 - 16.

    Raessens, B. (2001) Kennismanagement: een juiste mix van informatie, technologie en mensen

    Deventer: Uitgever Academic Service 

    Raessens, B. (2001) Marketing in het informatietijdperk. Tijdschrift Associatief, pp 11 - 14.


    ‘Inleiding Strategisch marketing, de valkuilen’ /'Introduction Strategic marketing, the pitfalls' -

    'Het hoe en waarom van een literatuurstudie voor je scriptie en onderzoek’ /'The how and why of a literature study for your thesis and research'



  • John Sakwe

    I am John Sakwe, member of Fontys “Lectoral Smart Marketing and Strategy” and lecturer of international business (IB). I teach various operations subjects including supply chain, logistics and business process management. I also provide Lean Six Sigma training and coaching. From a process improvement background, over the years I developed interest on spare parts supply chains and performance improvement of products service systems in the capital goods industry including product life cycle performance improvement.

    In this vein, my research interests focus on decreasing downtimes of Industrial Products Services in the capital goods market using the capabilities of industry 4.0 tools such as big data, machine-learning approaches. On this topic I am currently doing a PhD-research at the University of Twente.

    Main project: Designing an approach to minimize downtimes of product service systems using smart technology


    Bake, J. S., Pessôa, M. V. P., & Becker, J. M. J. J. P. C. (2018). Service Chain Logistics Management for Increasing Equipment Uptime. 73, 210-215.

    John Sakwe

  • Iris van Hest

    My passion for research started during my bachelor where I was in Moscow doing field research. Maybe it was due to the fact that this was the first time I performed a “paid” project, or maybe due to the cultural difference between the Netherlands and Russia. I realised that thinking about your research design is absolutely crucial in marketing. I further explored that during my Master Marketing Management, where I got so enthusiastic about research that all my electives where related to research methods! Ever since I believe well preformed research can add incredible insides for companies and I have seen that in “real life” during my work as a projectmanager at GfK. It may not come as a surprise that I teach all research related courses available in my department Commercial Economics.

    My goal is to make research “accessible”, logical and practical for students, so I aim to build a bridge between the theory of doing research and students who need to understand and implement research. By using a bottom up approach I am passionate about showing students how natural research is to us as humans. Because, we as humans are curious creatures!

    Main project: Research and curiosity

  • Geert van Seeters

    The marketing professional Geert van Seeters always starts with the WHY? In his interaction with organizations and students he always asks two questions: 1) with what do we earn our business in 5 years?, and 2) what is our social and ecological impact in 5 years?. These two main questions also characterize the research interests of Geert. Geert is challenging marketing students to develop new business models in the WEconomy.

    Main Project: Circular entrepreneurship



    4’33” Time for a Circular Economy, Collectief Circulaire Economie, 2017, Vior Webmedia V.O.F. 1e druk, EAN: 97890528463926 (

    New Business Models – Working Together on Value Creation: Jan Jonker, e.a. JAB MC BV, 2016, EAN: 9789081197991

    Columns - Onderwijs bergt goud aan sociaal kapitaal - Mijn advocaat is net een taxichauffeur

    Geert van Seeters

  • George Szanto

    George is an applied physicist from California who enjoyed a 25 year international career before coming to Fontys.  He also has a MBA degree from Syracuse University.  At various high-tech companies he was on executive management teams, leading up marketing and business development functions around the world.  Currently his interests are how business to business company’s buyers and sellers use the internet to aid complex purchasing processes of capital goods or services.  He is also interested in studying the economics and trends in young fast evolving technology markets.  He is especially interested in the global packaging industry.

    Main project: Smart circular packaging

    George Szanto


    1.    Key Note: First Annual AIPIA Economic Survey 2018

        George Szanto, Borislav Bechev, Andrew Manly,  AIPIA World Congress,  November 19- 20,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    2.    Packaging online buying shows small but significant shifts

           George Szanto, Christina R. Djambazca  online article June 28, 2018 in Packaging Digest

    3.    Challenges remain in online packaging procurement experience: Online Packaging Buyer Behavior Results 2017

        George Szanto, online article April 18, 2018 in Packaging Digest

    4.    Who are the Social Media Influencers in Packaging and Why Should You Care

    George Szanto, Packaging Digest, online article December 15, 2016

    5.    Internet Research Aids Decisions of Packaging Buyers

    George Szanto, Packaging Digest,  online article October 11, 2016

    6.    Online Packaging Information Relatively Easy to Get But Not to Share

    George Szanto, Packaging Digest, online article December 21, 2015

    7.    Is the Internet Nurturing a New Breed of Packaging Buyers

    George Szanto, Packaging Digest, online article July 1, 2015

    8.    Teaching Dynamic Disciplines with Digital Media Wisely ( Invited Lecture)

         George Szanto, Fontys Mediawijssheid Conference, January 23, 2014

    9.    Digital Assessments in Flipped Classrooms Workshop (Invited Lecture)

    George Szanto, Fontys Toetsconferencie, November 2014

    10.  Automated Optical Sorting Gains Broad Based Acceptance By Food Processors

          George Szanto - Food Technology Europe, September 1999.

    11. Real Time Packaging Control (Invited Lecture & notes)

         George Szanto - Hannover Messe Industrial Trade Show - machine vision seminar, 1996.

    12. Contributing Editor for Image Processing Magazine (UK)  1994 - 1996

          Author of The Benchmark Column - regularly appearing column

    13. Smarter Video Cameras Ready For New Applications

          George Szanto -  Advanced Imaging,  June 1995.

    14. Laser Scanner Provides On-line Quality Control

          George Szanto - Opto & Laser ,  Issue 18, March 1995.

    15. Smart Sensors For Smart Companies (in Dutch & English)

          George Szanto,  C&A Techniek, (VNU publications, )  February 1995.

    16. Recap of CLEO/Europe 1994

          George Szanto, Environmental Sensors, Nov. 1994.

    17. A Taste of Vision

          George Szanto, Image Processing (), April 1994, Vol. 6 No. 1

    18. New Developments In The German Machine Vision  Industry From The 1993 Messe Trade Fair

          George Szanto,  Automated  Imaging Association (),   June 1993

    19. A Recap of the Image Processing '92 Exhibition in Birmingham England

          George Szanto, Industrial Vision Association Fall '92 Newsletter # 2,   December 1992

    20. Buying Machine Vision Systems With Confidence  (In Dutch & English)

          George Szanto,  de Ingenieur - Journal of the Royal Dutch Engineering Society, Vol. 103, #12, December 1992

    21. The 1992 Stuttgart Ident/Vision Show and Market Statistics From Several European Countries

          George Szanto,  Automated Imaging Association (USA) , June 1992

    22. The Dutch Machine Vision Market

          George Szanto,  Lecture at the European Vision Association's Market Forecast Meeting, Szanto  Systems May 1992

    23.  Finding Your Way Through The Machine Vision Marketplace - An Amateur's Guide

           George Szanto, Het Instrument Vision Systems Seminar, Mikrocentrum Nederland,  April 1992

    24. Comparative Literature Study of Bifocal and Multifocal Contact Lenses

          George Szanto , Dick van Norren,  Presented as a lecture to The NATO Flight Surgons Conference , April 1989, and as:  Netherlands Oganization For

    Applied Scientific Research TNO/IZF Report IZF 1990 A-21

    25. Automatic Processing of Face Images  (in Dutch)

          J.G.W. Raaijmakers,  C Vijbrief,  G. Szanto,  SPIN Report , 1989

    26. Automated Tracking of Vehicles Using Video Tape - Progress Report on Phase 1A

          George Organization For Applied Scientific Research, TNO/IZF Report IZF 1989 C-9

    27. Definition of an Automated System for Road Traffic Scene Analysis

          George Organization For Applied Scientific Research, TNO/IZF Report IZF 1987 C-22

  • Ewoud Jansen

    Ewoud Jansen received his education at Tilburg University, the Netherlands and  majored in corporate finance and economics. He is the author of various books on Accounting & Finance and Banking & Money Creation. He has also published on corporate governance and corporate social responsibility issues. Besides that he contributes regularly to the debate on economic issues as a commentator on national radio and by writing for several Dutch newspapers and Websites. Frequently occurring topics are banking, capital markets and pensions.

    He is a senior member of the academic staff of the International Business program at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. In this capacity he also is responsible for managing the global network of partner universities and is a member of the Smart Marketing and Management lectorate of the Fontys School of Marketing and Management. In addition he has acted as a trainer and consultant in international programs sponsored by the European Union, Worldbank and similar institutes.

    Main Project: Emerging markets

    Ewoud Jansen



    Geld, Schuld & Banken; Mythes & Misverstanden, (Uitgeverij Van Brug, 2017)

    Core Concepts of Corporate Finance, (Brave New Books, 2016)

    Accounting & Finance; a Basic Introduction, (Eleven International Publishing, 2011)

    Ondernemen in een Veranderende Wereld; Hoofdstuk 3 Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen, (Boom Uitgeverijen, 2008)

    Finance and Accounting; a Comprehensive Introduction, (Thieme Meulenhoff, 2005)

    Conference Papers

    A New Reality for Fiscal Policy, (9th International Asecu Conference, Skopje, Macedonia, 30 & 31 May 2013)

    Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility: Challenges Regarding Accountability (International Conference on Corporate Governance, Skopje, Macedonia, 7 & 8 November 2012)


    Multiple articles in the following newspapers:

    NRC Handelsblad -

    De Volkskrant -

    Financieele Dagblad -

    Brabants Dagblad -


    Multiple articles on the following websites:

    Media Appearances

    Member of ‘Panel of Economists’ of Business News Radio