Iris van Hest

My passion for research started during my bachelor where I was in Moscow doing field research. Maybe it was due to the fact that this was the first time I performed a “paid” project, or maybe due to the cultural difference between the Netherlands and Russia. I realised that thinking about your research design is absolutely crucial in marketing. I further explored that during my Master Marketing Management, where I got so enthusiastic about research that all my electives where related to research methods! Ever since I believe well preformed research can add incredible insides for companies and I have seen that in “real life” during my work as a projectmanager at GfK. It may not come as a surprise that I teach all research related courses available in my department Commercial Economics.

My goal is to make research “accessible”, logical and practical for students, so I aim to build a bridge between the theory of doing research and students who need to understand and implement research. By using a bottom up approach I am passionate about showing students how natural research is to us as humans. Because, we as humans are curious creatures!

Main project: Research and curiosity


Hest, I. van en Nader, B. (2020, 16 oktober). Fontys-onderzoek: Marketing duurzame producten kan beter. Eindhovens Dagblad

Nader, B. & Hest, I. van, (2020). "Is There Room For Social Stimuli in Green Ads?: An Investigation of the Use of Facial Expressions in Green Advertisements". Paper for the 2020 Association for Consumer Research conference.