Our Story

Welcome to the Research Group Smart Marketing and Strategy! The research group is located in the middle of the golden triangle of ‘Science – Education – Society’ and studies the broad theme of connectedness. We are currently living in a smart connected world in which tech is connected to tech, people are connected to people and people are connected to tech. The research group designs and tests solutions to challenges and problems within a marketing-, management- and retail-context that arise due to this connectedness. The research group Smart Marketing and Strategy performs high-level research, with the methodological focus on Design Science Research, together with students and external partners in such a way that it creates a triple win: new scientific knowledge, new practical insights and new opportunities for all stakeholders.

The Research Group has set out the following research lines:

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  1. How can smart technology be adopted in a marketing and retail environment in such a way that it helps to boost business or helps to achieve organizational goals? (smart technology & business)
  2. How can smart technology help to improve the relationship of an organization with the customer or help in the fulfilment of the wishes and needs of the customer? (smart technology & the customer)

      The research group is socially concerned (TEC for Society) and includes, in the process of finding answers to the underlying research questions underneath these research lines, an ethical perspective and focus on a circular economy. Since the research group is located in the middle of the Brainport Area, this area forms the natural playground of the research group.

      Furthermore, the research group also has an internal orientation. Here the focus is at improving the education to our students, making them better prepared for their future. The research line within this internal orientation is:

    1. How can we help to improve the business education at our institute in an era of digital transformation? (business education & digital transformation)