Students find the solution to extend the life of a MIG welding machine

“We designed a universal control board for a MIG welding machine. The control board is universal, it works for all models of the MIG welding machine", explains student Mihael Nedyalkov.

"We are still working hard on a user manual, in order to deliver a complete product at the end of the year. This manual allows everyone to adjust the universal control board themselves, regardless of which machine they use. This can save employers a lot of money”, says Mihael. He is a student Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Fontys School of Engineering. “As the hardware of these machines often breaks down, the machine hasn't been written off yet.”

“We have been working on this for a whole school year, but it certainly doesn't get boring”, says Viktor Shopov. He is a group member and also a classmate of Mihael. “It was a very educational project. We solved a problem in practice, and we learned how to work together with a company. You go through various phases: research, testing and documentation. Almost nobody likes writing the documentation, but it is very important. In retrospect, I am happy that we have written down the process precisely.”

Mihael and Viktor Mihael and Viktor

Boyko Boyko

And now the work is almost done. “We will complete this project as professionals as possible and then hand it over”, explains Mihael. “For us, the learning process is particularly important”, says Viktor. Mihael adds: “I would be very proud if a large company would continue to develop it. Then I'll have achieved that in my student days, even before I gratuate." "But of course I hope that we get the credits for all the hard work”, laughs Viktor.

The students who worked on this project are second year students from various study programmes: Mihael Nedyalkov (Electrical and Electronic Engineering), Viktor Shopov (Electrical and Electronic Engineering), Boyko Blagoev (Electrical and Electronic Engineering), Roy Wouters (Elektrotechniek), Jeroen Bax (Elektrotechniek) and Kevin van Bakel (Mechatronics).
Roy, Jeroen and Kevin Roy, Jeroen and Kevin