Engineering bachelors ook Engelstalig

Hbo bachelors Engelstalig

Fontys Hogeschool Engineering biedt naast Nederlandstalige opleidingen ook Engelstalige opleidingen. Aan deze opleidingen studeren studenten vanuit de hele wereld. In Eindhoven, de Brainport regio, bieden we de Engelstalige engineering hbo - bachelors:

1. Mechatronics: is a combination of electrical & electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and ICT & Technology. You consider how you can create safer and more user-friendly devices.

2. Electrical and Electronic Engineering: everything from mobile phones to aircraft and medical equipment relies on electronics, it is difficult to think of any area of life that has not been affected by developments in electronics. Interested to be involved?

3. Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical engineers focus on designing, making and placing on the market of equipment, installations and machinery. They make things 'better'.

Heb je 2 - talig voortgezet onderwijs gevolgd? Dan is de keuze voor een engelstalige opleiding in elektrotechniek, mechatronica of werktuigbouwkunde wellicht een optie voor je.