AI & Big Data for Biodiversity at Fontys School of ICT

Biodiversity declines worldwide at an alarming rate. It does not only lead to the disappearance of animals and plants; it also deregulates essential eco-services such as pollination and sustainable agriculture (natural water and soil purification), and ultimately also affects human life.

We believe high-tech ICT might help to counteract this trend. Therefore, Fontys ICT is initiating several projects together with Naturalis Biodiversity Center (Leiden University), JADS, and HAS to enable and standardize affordable large-scale biodiversity monitoring. Examples are for instance IoT beehives that can measure urban biodiversity, carefully designed biodiversity dashboards fed with open data that raise public awareness, and drone imaging with vision AI that can be used to monitor wild flowers at landscape scale.

In these projects we apply state-of-the-art technology (IoT, AI, digital landscape twins) combined with a systemic change approach to actively involve stakeholders – from policy makers to children as our future citizens – in designing and implementing practical high-tech solutions.

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