The Honours Programme

The Honours Programme serves those talented students who demonstrate extra motivation with every opportunity to get the very most out of their studies at Fontys Hogeschool Marketing en Management. Upon successful completion of the Honours Programme, these students are awarded with an Honours Degree with which they can achieve a distinctive position in the employment market. That’s why the Honours Programme carries proudly the slogan ‘Create Your Own Future’!

First year students are eligible for the Honours Programme when they have distinctive study results and a convincing and compelling motivational letter. The programme involves an additional 15 EC’s over and above the EC’s associated with your standard programme. These 15 EC’s are spread across a maximum period of three academic years at FHMM.

The Honours Programme consists of demanding courses and (team) projects, that:

  • is designed for ambitious young business professionals who wish to incorporate entrepreneurial thinking into their (international) career such as young entrepreneurs, potential leaders and managers.
  • will help students with the entrepreneurial qualities, management and leadership skills and networking opportunities to enable them to start and develop their career and potentially run it effectively and imaginatively.
  • is committed to an action learning approach. Students are asked to take initiative and actively apply knowledge by practicing skills and demonstrating their abilities in the relevant fields of their own interest.
  • Is focused on active involvement from the (international) business community, as well as from other educational institutes.
  • covers the basic steps of developing and executing a unique talent development plan with support of a personal talent coach during the entire programme.

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