Aura Bouw

3 September - 20:00 - A0.16


Interactive Opera 'No Evil' (video)
Aura Bouw

Aura Bouw

'I hear and feel a heart in Aura’s work, an individuality, something living and a lot of emotion’. - Annemijn Rijk (choreographer)

Aura Bouw (Netherlands, 1996) composes from a narrative core that connects the audience to the art. Her musical identity ranges from classical instrumentation to electronic ambient scapes and their meeting point. Starting with story and imagery, her interdisciplinary work method adds to her artistic expression and strengthens her unique musical language. Before she completed her bachelor of classical composition at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (2019), she was an electric guitarist. During her studies she developed an interest in electronic sound production and combined with her love for storytelling, her genre defying music expresses a distinct visuality. Recently she created two interdisciplinary shows called Actias Luna (2018) and Ubuntu (2019). Currently she is composing for the Body Of Art series of Annemijn Rijk and creating an interactive opera titled No Evil.

The Story
The story of this opera is about a big city, an utopia. A big amount of citizens on a relatively small surface, supported by high buildings, modest in comparison to the wall that separates the city from the outside world. Structured, synthetic, prosperous, peaceful. The people live in unity and are grateful for this society. They worship their leader.

Antagonist: Marcellus, his influence reached close but he remains untouchable and unreachable - to be adored from a far. Every year there is a celebration before Marcellus goes outside of the wall to get the recourses that are needed to keep the city alive and prosperous.  

In this city lives a young woman named Miranda.
Protagonist: Miranda, she is personally reachable, but her influence doesn't reach far. She is anonymous in this big city and is one with the mass and the accessory faith in their leader.

Miranda witnesses a fall. The mason is pushed of the wall by Marcellus and is therefore banned to the outside world; death. When Miranda tries to understand what is happening, we see the first cracks in the utopia. When she falls asleep that night, we end up in a spiral to the dreamworld, where Miranda accompanies Marcellus on his journey outside of the wall. What will Miranda find behind the wall?