Pedro Paixao

3 September - 15:00 - A0.16


Omar II
Franco Donatoni

Pedro Paixão

Pedro Paixão is a Portuguese percussion player specialized in contemporary music and interdisciplinarity. He started his studies in Portugal having a three-year classical percussion base study with Prof Aldovino Munguambe. Subsequently he had a four-year Music bachelor's with Professor Nuno Aroso, a renowned teacher and soloist at the Minho University, Braga. During his course as a student he has participated in several masterclasses and festivals crossing paths with famous percussion names like Jean-Pierre Drouet, Christian Dierstein, Rui Gomes, Pedro Carneiro, Ludwing Albert, Lin Chin Cheng and others.

Most recently he concluded the Master of Music at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg having as masters Prof. Marcel Andriessen and Prof. Peter de Vries. During these two past years enrolled in the Master of Music at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg he has developed a project called, a interdisciplinary concept that resulted from his Master Research. 

This project started as a quest to unite music with other arts in the most profitable and enriching possible manner. It explored fundamentally a metamorphosis between music and clown in a pursuit of new textures, new sounds, and a new type of expression and experience throughout this symbiosis. Gathering theater, dance, and other performative arts, this research revealed to be of great subjective use to the performer and opened the scope to a new interdisciplinary approach. It has broaden Pedro artistic approach by investigating insights of clown practice and to inquire about physical theater to inform his performance practice.

Apart from this realm of investigation from where his solo work thrives, he is working with a dancer, Daniela Rodrigo, in a duo format and he is a member of ION Ensemble together with Nuno Silva (Saxophone), Claire Adams (Violin and Voice) and Diederik Smulders (Cello).