Academy of Circus and Performance Art

Cal Courtney

Fontys Academy of Circus and Performance Art (ACaPA) has nominated Cal Courtney for the Jacques de Leeuw Prijs. In our opinion, Cal has proven to be an impressive performer and a hardworking creator with a promising future.

Cal has approached traditional juggling technique with a contemporary twist. He has a relentless enthusiasm to create and to be part of any performance. Cal has an amazing ease to be on stage, he instantly builds a connection with his audience. He has an understanding of how to make an audience feel comfortable and on the edge of their seat at the same time. He applies the same charm when he is hosting other events.

Throughout his time at ACaPA, Cal has experimented with different styles of performing in juggling, but always with his personal flair for entertainment. He is a master of comic timing, he plays with parody and enjoys using humour in his performances. Cal is inevitably funny, a skill that is very difficult to obtain and one that has challenged him to reinvent himself on stage again and again.

In addition to his personal development, Cal has always been actively involved in the program and supporting his colleagues on- and off stage. When in collaboration with others, Cal can be convincing and connecting in order to support a collective process. 

Cal has gained a lot of professional experience during the course of his study, he has taken every chance to perform, both solo and in collectives, at many festivals and events. Whilst doing this he has developed his interest for interdisciplinary work as well. For example in performing with companies such as Panama Pictures, but also in the creation of his latest solo work that is inspired by musical. 
For the nearby future Cal is looking to continue developing his interdisciplinary project, but also to collaborate with others in an upcoming circus company.

We are convinced that through his work as a performing artist and creator, Cal Courtney will contribute to the reputation and the distinction of the Academy of Circus and Performance Art.
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