Academy of Music and Performing Arts

Sonja Oberkofler

Thinking about Sonja, immediately three words pop up to characterize her: openness, passion and professional drive. Sonja is one of the most open minded people AMPA has ever had. She is a saxophonist-composer interested in classical and new music, interdisciplinarity, education, electronics, mindfulness, nutrition, sports, mental health, organization, management, co-determination, languages...

She is really passionate about combining all those important personal interests in her way of living as a musician. Her infectious enthusiasm has resulted in a large network of musicians, composers and artists who are eager to work with her.

Working together with Sonja is all about purposefulness and preciseness. Her professional attitude and drive motivate her to be present at a lot of concerts, lectures, debates, expositions in the Netherlands, but also have already brought her in Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, etc. And she worked with famous groups and artists like Bang on a Can and ASKO/Schönberg.

Winning the Junior Grachtenfestival with the educative project The Town Musicians of Bremen, pioneering and exploring new regions in new music with her Duo Integra (sax, electronics & electric guitar), being an entrepreneurial, social, open minded omnivore with a fascination for interdisciplinarity, makes her the most obvious candidate to win the Jacques de Leeuw Prize!

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