Dance Academy

Izah Hankammer

It is with great pride that we nominate Izah for de Jacques de Leeuw prize.

Izah came in with a healthy dose of life experience and worked her way through dance techniques into the direct contact with up-and-coming dance makers. She has taken every opportunity that the academy has offered and developed into a strong dance performer and creator with her own artistic signature. On stage she is bold, expressive and poetic, always unfolding new layers of her talent.

As a student she is eager, inspiring and outspoken, always engaging in dialogue with her teachers and peers. She is the kind of student that helps shaping the education she is in. We are convinced that she will develop a strong voice in the field, not only with her artistic work but also as a change maker  with her critical thinking and deep engagement.

She has the intellectual capacity to link her artistry to our surrounding context of society, culture and politics.

This makes Izah a contemporary fellow citizen and hope for our inclusive future in dance.

In these times of great changes we need performers/creators like Izah to bring us down from our ivory tower into the reality of life.

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys