Dance Academy

Ali Clarke

Ali has a strong sense of self and is able to incorporate this understanding in the process of creating and performing dance. She has worked hard and consistently to achieve a high level of dance and performance skills, is able to balance this with instinctive and creative processes and is fully aware of how to develop these with autonomy and inner authority.

Ali is always rehearsing or making new plans. It’s like Ali is constantly on a high-speed train, she never gives up, but always picks up the pieces and moves on when needed.

Ali is capable of taking care of her own health and well-being in a way best suited to her. She is a dedicated student, able to explore within her own parameters, while still moving towards change. 

Ali is talented in performing and creating. She is a strong communicator and is able to build meaningful connections between different people in different places through critical, embodied and artistic dialogue. She understands how to transfer her embodied knowledge to different contexts and interacts with these contexts in a meaningful way.

Her curriculum is already impressive. She initiated KNOT Kollektiv, an award-winning group of international artists from the worlds of dance, circus and music collaborating to bring life to our hopes and dreams about the future of art.
Ali is a well-rounded artist who also works in community arts as a passionate and compassionate collaborator. It is almost self-evidently that she started her own dance company and performs her work participating in large and international productions. Her international network is expanding rapidly.

Ali is an intelligent, ambitious and beautiful person with all energy she needs to become a professional dancer. She is an outstanding student that truly embodies exactly what we hope to achieve with our education.

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