Marth De Kinder

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Academy of Circus and Performance Art

Motivatie nominatie:
Fontys Academy of Circus and Performance Art (ACaPA) has nominated Marth De Kinder for the Jacques de Leeuw Prijs. In our opinion, Marth has proven to be an interesting artist and a dedicated creator with a promising future.

Throughout her study, Marth has shown a great development in her vision as an artist. Starting with the focus on circus technique, but always with her personal interpretation. She has found a way to make the dance trapeze work for her ideas, instead of being guided by the technique.
Marth has explored various aspects of her circus discipline, dance trapeze. She has actively pursued her desire to explore and create within her discipline. As a result of this exploration she has successfully developed her own style and language on the dance trapeze that can be described as dreamy and poetic.

In her solo work, Marth has continuously searched for inspiration from other arts to enrich her work. This often leads to a dreamlike atmosphere on stage. She gradually pulls the audience in to her imagined world, gently leaving them behind with a feeling of puzzlement when the performance ends.
For collective performances, Marth is a supportive performer. She has shown to be reliable on stage, generously contributing her skills to the concept of a director or choreographer. Some of her most remarkable performances were at festival Theater op de Markt and in Liquid Times directed by Pia Meuthen. 

The experience Marth had during The Darling Collection in Darling, South Africa, transformed her vision as an artist. During this project - that focuses on finding ways of telling the stories of the locals - she also developed her love for making performances with others. She returned to South Africa for her work placement. We are curious and excited to see how this interest for storytelling will grow and develop.

After graduation, Marth will be working in association with Het Gevolg, to create a performance with young refugees. Her ambitions for this project are both social and artistic. On stage, Marth wants to present a combination of circus, dance and theatre taking inspiration from the background stories of the performers. Through the performing arts she wishes to let the performers find their voice and to present the audience with the complexity of their personal situation.

We are convinced that through her work as a performing artist and creator, Marth De Kinder will contribute to the reputation and the distinction of the Academy of Circus and Performance Art.