"Artificial Intelligence is shaping tomorrow and the day after tomorrow."

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Artificial Intelligence permeates every aspect of our daily lives, many of which we're not even aware of. AI is what enables healthcare professionals to do their work more effective and efficient. It helps improve personal development and learning tools. Even banks are turning into AI companies to keep up with the rapidly transforming market. AI is shaping our tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

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We are aware of AI developments and recognise the need for more research and education to meet a changing world's requirements. It's why we started a community in which we can discuss this subject and its implications, initiate new projects, embed AI into our curriculum and more. We would like you to be part of this community.

Why? AI affects all fields of expertise and is transforming every aspect of how we do things. That's why embedding it in our way of operating requires an interdisciplinary, interactive approach; the Fontys AI community. 

Recap Kick-off meeting – 12 November 2020

On 12 November 2020, we gathered with a large number of Fontys colleagues who all share an interest in Artificial Intelligence. We had some great discussions that evening and made a great start in building this AI community. Here you can find the summary of these discussions, based on the subthemes.

A new multidisciplinary minor

What does Artificial Intelligence (AI) have to offer regarding the future of your work field and society? For the past decades, all companies slowly became software companies. Now, with the innovations of complex algorithms, they are rapidly turning into AI companies. A development that takes place at an incredibly rapid pace, which leads to many questions. Is AI here to replace us? What are the risks? But also, which opportunities lie ahead? 

These are the questions we need to answer. AI isn't here to replace us but offers potential for far-reaching improvements and efficiency in our lives. How do we deal with this in both a commercial and ethical way? Exploring and exploiting these opportunities for the future is a much sought-after quality in starters. AI is needed, and though it seems complex and even 'outlandish' or challenging for many, the basics are easy to learn. That's what you'll learn in this minor. For example, by learning how to take a practical view of the future and applying basic AI within current possibilities. Inspiring cases, your own practical application and exploring future models' potential are key in this minor. You can freely explore the potential for your field combined with your personal learning requirements while learning to recognise the possibilities AI will unlock in the next few years and how we can make the most of this technology in a responsible and viable way.

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Teacher and member workgroup Digital Transformation


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Teacher and member lectureship Human and Technology


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