Agrotourism in the border region

My name is Wesley Sijbers and I am 23 years old. Currently I am in my final semester of the Marketing Management program at Fontys. During this semester, I will support the Cross-border Business Development team wherever possible while simulatenously conducting research for my bachelor thesis which is about agrotourism and its market in Limburg as well as Germany.

I am looking forward to discovering the market of agrotourism and the similarities along with the differences between these two regions. If I could be of any use for you or if you have any knowledge or references in the topics mentioned above, feel free to contact me at any time. 

Like mentioned before, my research will be about the topic of agrotourism and its similarities as well as differences between the regions of Limburg and Germany (more specifically the border region). As some of you might already know, a lot of (local) farmers are facing tremendous pressure which forces them to innovate and look for new income opportunities. One of the (fairly) new initiatives resulting from this is the concept of agrotourism. This concept is rather broad and includes activities such as overnight stays at a farm as well as local food tastings and workshops. The market for agrotourism is steadily growing and becoming a more and more important income stream for the farmers. Local farmers in the (Noord) Limburg region are now looking at the border and wondering how and if the German tourist would be interested in their offerings as well. Therefore, for this research I will conduct a market analysis about the German market for agrotourism which will include analyzing local offerings in Germany and comparing them to the options in our region. What are the main differences? Where are the similarities? Also, there will be a deep dive into the German agrotourism consumer to find out how this person is like. Based on focus groups, interviews and surveys with both farmers and consumers I will create a consumer persona as well as other customer insights. Based on all data, recommendations will be made that will help local farmers in the (Noord) Limburg region to differentiate themselves and attract tourists from across the border.

Contact: Wesley Sijbers,, +31 8850 812 86.