Braindrain in the Dutch border regions

My name is Tim Verstegen and I am 26 years old. Currently I am living in Venlo. I am following a Human Geography master (Urban and Cultural Geography) at the Radboud University Nijmegen. During this semester I will help and support the Cross-Border Business Development team where I can, simultaneously I will do my research for the master thesis about braindrain in Dutch border regions.

You often see that students follow a study in another city than where they come from. The lack of a university in their hometown could be the reason, but this is not always the case. There are other reasons why young adults study and even going to live elsewhere; like living the student life, experiencing other cities, broaden their social network et cetera. Those students possibly stay away from their hometown and set up their life elsewhere.

During my research for the CBBD department I will focus on those internal migration flows from especially border regions towards large urban regions in the Netherlands. I will do a multiple case study research on a couple of Dutch border regions to compare their experiences and ‘solutions’ on the braindrain of students and knowledge workers. What can those border regions, like Venlo, offer to attract those moved students and young adults to come back to their hometown? Due to surveys amongst students in those border regions I will compare their motives to go and stay away from their hometowns and I will investigate what border regions should offer to attract those respondents to come back.

I am looking forward to conduct this research on braindrain. If I could be of any use for you or if you have any suggestions, references or (detailed) knowledge about this subject, please contact me at any moment you want.

Contact: Tim Verstegen,, +31 8850 819 68.