Cross-border retail and consumer behaviour

My name is Joost Hagens. I am 25 years old and currently I am in the graduation phase of the study course International Marketing. My research will be part of the project Cross-border retail and consumer behaviour which focusses on motives for cross-border shopping and how retailers in the Dutch-German border area could aim their communication activities to cross-border shoppers.

According to the Koopstromenonderzoek Limburg 2019, German consumers spend 691 million Euros in Limburg in the past year. However, Dutch consumers from Limburg “only” spent 111 million Euros in Germany. For my graduation project, I will investigate whether there is a barrier in relation to the Dutch-German border within the heads of the Dutch consumers in the euregion rijn-maas-noord. If there is a barrier, I want to know what the main causes of these barriers are. After identifying these factors, I will investigate the possibilities for German retailers to implement communication strategies in order to change the barriers in the heads of the Dutch consumers into bridges. The results should help German retailers developing communication strategies which they could implement in order to raise the share of Dutch customers.

Contact: Joost Hagens,, +31 8850 714 22.