Digitization of SMEs in the border area during COVID-19

Hello, my name is Dennis Jordan and I am 24 years old. I am from Germany and live near the German-Dutch border area. I am in my last semester of the bachelor program International Finance and Control. During my studies I was able to work with many different cultures. Now I will support the CBBD. My task will be researching the digitization of SMEs during COVID-19. I will analyze German and Dutch companies in how far they have accepted the home office and which success indicators have helped them. I am looking forward to the team and hope to be able to help the other team members with their projects with my experience.

My project is about the digitization of SMEs in the border area during COVID-19, where I will take a closer look at the home office of German and Dutch SMEs. First, I will present the theory of digitization. What exactly is digitalization and what is it needed for? These are some questions I will answer. To find out how SMEs have accepted the home office, I will interview some German and Dutch companies. This will result in a target-performance comparison, which, in addition to the practical and theoretical aspects, will also show the possible differences between the two nations. In addition to this target-performance comparison, I would also like to make a cost calculation, which also illustrates a best- and worst-case scenario for the current situation. Based on all this information, the recommendations for German and Dutch SMEs will be built up and elaborated.

Contact: Dennis Jordan, d.jordan@fontys.nl, +31 88 50 778 55.