Effect of modern interior office design on employee wellbeing in the border region

I’m Denise Anderson and I’m from Mönchengladbach, Germany. As an 8th semester International Business student I’m supporting Cross-Border Business Development in terms of research as an intern.

A lot of people will have seen the modern and innovative offices big corporations like Google offer. But does the modern interior office design have an effect on the employee wellbeing? Will the way the office is design change the way we feel about work, change how motivated we are, maybe even improve our health? My research aims to find out if it does and to what degree. 

But first, what actually defines modern or innovative or even sustainable interior office design? What are key characteristics? Are there different levels of modernisation?

Everyone who has crossed the border between Germany and the Netherlands will have noticed the small but existing changes. The question is, is there also a difference when working across the border in terms of interior office design? In my research I will compare the results of both border regions – Limburg and NRW – to see if there are differences and if so, what effect they have on the employee well-being.

Contact: Denise Anderson, d.anderson@fontys.nl, +31 8850 819 65.