Vacancy: GrenszLab

Fontys Venlo and the Research Group ‘Cross-border Business Development’ are looking for ambitious Dutch and German speaking students! With approximately 50,000 work commuters in the Dutch-German border region we see many opportunities for mapping the economic landscape and to attract, develop and keep talents in Euregion Rhine-Maas-North (Euregio Rijn-Maas-Noord).  

As part of a larger project “Regiodeal Noord-Limburg” we founded “GrenszLab” with five knowledge institutions from the Northern part of Limburg; Citaverde, Fontys Venlo, Gilde Opleidingen, HAS and Maastricht University.

GrenszLab facilitates learning by doing, activation and intensifying business:

- Euregional Curriculum and Competence (L)
- Euregional Economy and Business (B)
- Euregional Talent Activation Program (A)  

An Euregional workplace (Hybrid Learning Environment) where students, entrepreneurs and educators co-create projects and follow an Euregional Curriculum. The ideal is a continuous learning path on all educational levels with support from coaches and mentors.  

Participating in the day-to-day business
The Research Group ‘Cross-border Business Development’ supports students and businesses in exploring and exploiting the international opportunities.

Fontys is an open organisation that welcomes proactive minds. You will be actively supported in getting to know the team and the organisation. In addition, working for GrenszLab will allow you to get in touch with the business world in the Euregion. You will be assigned concrete tasks and responsibilities in the field of e.g. event management or marketing. Of course, you will have plenty of opportunity to work on your assignment.

Research topics
• Euregional exchange program for education professionals. Cooperation and knowledge sharing in the field of entrepreneurship in the border region across the entire education chain.
Business climate in the Euregion Rhine-Maas North. Mapping out the economic, entrepreneurial and sustainable Euregional development opportunities.
Brain drain, “war on talent’,  Euregional Competences and other trends in this border region

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for a proactive bachelor student with strong communication skills. As we are working in the Dutch-German border region a decent knowledge of Dutch and German is required, preferably one of these on C2 level. In addition, you should have good analytical skills, be quality oriented and able to reflect on your professional development.

Interested in a challenging work placement?
Please hand in your motivation letter and CV to: Hidde van Erp (