For who?

This minor is in particular interesting if your studies are in a health-care related profession or if you are dealing with health issues within your field. The emphasis in this minor is mainly on coaching healthy behaviour, care and (learning) research skills.

If you are not following any care related education, but you do like to step out of your comfort zone? You can! We are open to students of all directions whether you are a Fontys student or studying at another university of applied sciences. This will be your minor if you are willing to learn about health, lifestyle, behaviour and coaching skills. You should not be afraid to challenge yourself to a higher level in communication and co-working. We would like to emphasize you do need to be motivated, we will constantly ask you to connect links to the educational themes and your own (future) profession. I fact you will shape your own route to achieve the learning outcomes. A portion of independence is there for desirable.

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

“At the de minor Exploring Health Behavioura student can talk and discuss with real life clients what they can do themselves to reduce health complaints. By talking and coaching you will get a better feel for the ‘real work’ later in practical situations. If clients can be stimulated and gain insight into how they can solve complaints themselves and take on some care, they will become more mobile, happier and reduce the costs of care through their own actions. It improves the quality of life in the broadest sense of the word. This endorses my personal mission as a podiatrist.

As a therapist it is the challenge to contribute to an improvement of the quality of life of our clients. The professional field is waiting for these health care professionals of the future. Let them come!

Angelique Penders, podiatrist, owner Voetzorg Limburg