Learning objectives and working methods

Learning objectives

During this minor you will work towards learning objectives by individual self-study, group assignments and practical experience. After completing this minor you will be able to:

1. You can develop a simple lifestyle analysis and set appropriate change goals.
2. You identify health and behavioural determinants that play a role in a client or client group and set appropriate goals.
3. You can use a client coaching motivational interviewing in lifestyle and behavioural change.
4. You contribute in an innovative way to the (positive) health of a client group.

Working methods

The minor consists of a versatile program with plenty of room for your own input. You work closely with fellow students and local clients, such as sports centres, patient associations, health centres or residential care institutions.

We offer you education in several teaching methods:

  • Inspiration lectures by experts from the field (coaches, practitioners, researchers, etc.).
  • Workshops in which you work on professional coaching skills.
  • Workshops in which you work on research skills.
  • Carrying out projects and practicing skills.
  • Moments when your own professional development is central.


Your own development as a professional is always central, and you help shape your own route to achieving the learning objectives. During the minor you keep a personal portfolio in which your growth as a professional becomes visible. There are also a number of parts on which you must have received positive feedback, so that you can include it as evidence in your portfolio. These include a video demonstrating your coaching skills and a reporting on the innovation you have developed with your project group.

Student experiences

“The „Self-Management“ programme gave me a great basis for coaching which is in my opinion, essential for becoming an alrounded physical therapist. I liked the atmosphere during classes and the teacher was always very approachable and helpful. I especially liked the practice interviews which prepared us for a professional situation. I would recommend this programme to all students who want to have a better insight in coaching a patient and to help them in achieving their goals.” – Hong, Physiotherapy English Stream student