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Bachelor Dance in Education (full-time and part-time study)

Fulltime and Parttime / lessons in Dutch

Academy for teaching training in dance

The world of work of a contemporary dance teacher offers a wide range of possibilities within the field of mainstream education, art education and amateur art. The aim of this Major is to turn out broadly-trained, inspiring and enthusiastic teachers who can translate their expertise to other dance styles, fields of work and different target groups. There is an ever-increasing demand for teachers with these broad teacher competences, who can also inspire from their own experience as a dancer to perform, make and contemplate dance. In this course, experience in mainstream education, in amateur art and in art education contributes to being a good dance teacher!

Bachelor Dance


Dance Academy

Those who want to give shape to their passion for dance in a professional way will find that the Dance Academy offers a challenging programme to develop into a dance artist who is authentic, true, individual, involved and inspired.

The Dance Academy is an internationally-oriented academy for dance and choreography. The academy emphasizes the development of contemporary, creating dance artists with a high professional and creative level, and the development of innovative entrepreneurship. The Dance Academy focuses on dance talent with HBO (Higher Professional Education) qualities. We coach these talents to reveal their own artistic skills. These talents receive differentiated tuition, and students can influence their own educational route. In a challenging learning environment, we offer knowledge in a broad artistic context, where practice is inextricably bound up with theory.

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Master Choreography

Parttime / lessons in English

Master of Choreography

This programme offers the student a unique opportunity of an in-depth study of dance choreography. It is designed to accommodate the needs of dance artists working in dance academies, conservatories, vocational schools, and universities in Europe. The programme focuses on the teaching of concepts, theories and principles in support of creative processes and thus refutes the assumption that choreography can only be achieved through intuition and talent. The student is expected to master the orthodox ideas of his discipline and of collaborative approaches where appropriate, but at the same time to challenge, through experimentation and risk taking, the established systems and conventions with respect to performing art.

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