International bachelor students

Because of the coronavirus, I can't work alongside my studies because my secondary job has stopped. I can't pay my tuition fees. What can I do?
DUO makes every effort to help you and will take your personal situation into account. At DUO, you can make use of the loan possibilities and increase your loan. If necessary, with retroactive effect from the beginning of the academic year. In addition, you can apply for a tuition credit. You can arrange this yourself via myDUO. If this is still insufficient, please contact DUO for a customised solution.

Is it still possible to get extra guidance from a student counsellor or student psychologist?
Yes, it is. Due to the measures related to the Corona virus, all appointments take place by telephone- or via Skype conferences. Check

I am an international student, where can I go with questions that do not directly affect my studies but my well-being?
We want your stay in NL to be pleasant despite the situation and to make you feel good.Fontys' services continue, it is now also possible to make an appointment with a student coach, dean or psychologist via Skype.Other information can be found here:

Where should I report if I'm infected with the Corona virus?
We would like to ask you urgently to report by telephone to your institute's business office. Mention whether you have been in contact with fellow students or whether you live in Fontys accommodation, for example. This report is also important if you are unexpectedly delayed in studying due to the Corona virus. Of course, you must also follow the rules of the GGD. 

​I am an international bachelor or master student and I want to go home. Is the situation around Corona a valid reason?
No it is not. Although Fontys is currently not providing education on campus we are currently working to provide you with online education. We do understand you might feel unsafe or worried about the Corona situation. We suggest you keep informed visiting the websites provided on If you do decide to return to your home country you need to inform your School/programme.

I am an international student. I can't come to Fontys right now. Will I get exemptions or will my expenses be reimbursed?

For the answer to this question, please contact the institute where you registered.

Information for International degree students

1. Residence permit

  • Temporary home leave. 
    If you go home temporarily, return to Fontys at a later stage and continue your enrollment as a student, you do not have to make any arrangements. Your residence permit will remain valid.If at some point you decide not to return to Fontys, please contact the coordinator of your study program and deregister as a student at Fontys. The study program coordinator communicates this to Team International Students and your residence permit will then be revoked.
  • Your study progress.
    Due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak the mandatory amount of credits to retain your residence permit will be calculated proportionally. This means if you have gained 50 percent of the credits possible to obtain until March 13 the temporary closure of Fontys due to the Corona virus outbreak will be taken into account. You do not have to worry about this.
    • Permit extension.
      If your residence permit needs to be extended in the coming months, you can do this digitally. You can start the extension process 3 months before your permit expires.
    • Terminating your studies.
      If you want to return to your home country and terminate your study program, please contact the coordinator of your study program and deregister as a student at Fontys. The study program coordinator will communicate this to Team International Students and your residence permit will be revoked.

      2. Fontys housing

      • If you go home temporarily, you are obliged to pay the rent for the remaining months (until July 31, 2020). This also means you can return to your room at any point. Please inform Team International Students about your plans, so they can ensure that the room will remain available to you.
      • If you have rented a room via Fontys, the rental contract will expire on July 31, 2020. You will have to vacate the room per July 31, 2020. If you are staying in a studio on the Lombokpad, you have a different rental contract and other conditions may apply
      • If you are staying in a private rental accommodation we advise you to contact your landlord.

      3. Insurance through InsureToStudy

      • If you go home temporarily and return to Fontys at a later stage, your insurance will continue as is. You will be contacted by InsureToStudy to extend the insurance per July 31, 2020. The can be done online.
      • If you have insurance with a different insurance company, you must contact them to cancel or extend the insurance.

      4. Registration at the municipality:

      • If you return home permanently, you must deregister at the Municipality
      • If you go back home temporarily, you do not have to deregister. Deregistering with the Municipality will then cause problems for your residence permit.