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Multiple interesting and innovative projects with several manufacturing companies from different sectors. With an intense supervision from beginning until the very end of the project, you are supported by a group of experts in research and business modelling. Throughout the process you will receive multidisciplinary and precise feedback, by giving presentations or participating in discussion rounds. This ensures you to achieve the best results possible. Benefit from our broad business network.


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Graduation Assignments 2020/2021

  • Marcelissen Graduation Assignment

    Intern at Marcelissen Venlo

    We are looking for a highly motivated intern within our Marketing & Sales department. As an intern you will focus on the marketing of our renewed fries cutting machine for the catering industry and cafeterias, our Slitmaster.

    Slitmaster has been an established name when it comes to cutting fresh chips on a small scale for decades. Think of cafeterias, industrial kitchens and the catering industry. Our Slitmaster has unique product advantages that ensure the best cutting result and ultimately the tastiest fresh fries!

    The final touches are already being put to the third generation Slitmaster cutting machine and that is why we are looking for a motivated student for the period from January 2021 who will investigate how we can best market this cutting machine.

    Are you the one who ensures that the Slitmaster will be a resounding success? Then read the vacancy below and contact us.

    About Marcelissen

    Active in the field of food processing machines for potatoes, beets, carrots and other root vegetables, Marcelissen provides technical and high-quality solutions that contribute to a better world.
    We believe in a world in which organic substances, foodstuff and food are optimally and reciprocally used. That is why we help people and organizations to deal responsibly with food processing processes. In this way we and you contribute to a better world!

    This makes us happy

    ·       You are enthusiastic about the research presented and cannot wait to make the renewed Slitmaster a resounding sales success

    ·       Affinity with technology is an advantage

    ·       You are proactive and eager to learn

    ·       A positive attitude towards all colleagues. Together we ensure quality in a cosy and pleasant atmosphere

    ·       You do not have an 8 to 5 mentality and are willing to support the Marketing & Sales team when it fits in your own schedule

    Your background

    ·       You are currently studying International Business, Marketing, Commercial Economics or equivalent education

    ·       You master the Dutch and English language (German is an advantage)

    Your powers

    ·       Ability to conduct investigations independently

    ·       Independent customer contact regarding the internship research.

    ·       Provide support within the Marketing & Sales team and broaden your knowledge

    ·       Providing market data and preparing commercial advice and reports on the basis of work to be carried out and performed

    A good team

    At Marcelissen we produce top-level machines for our customers worldwide. We are a small but close-knit team that works together for the best result. Putting our renewed Slitmaster on the market well is one of the ways
    we are jointly responsible for producing top-level installations, systems and machines for our customers.

    We make you happy with this

    ·       A good internship fee

    ·       Freedom and self-determined internship days

    ·       A flat organization in which everyone can quickly connect with each other

    ·       You will receive personal guidance from real professionals at an internationally oriented company

    ·       Personal guidance from real professionals at an internationally oriented company

    ·       Possibility to further develop yourself and your knowledge (graduation internship also possible)

    ·       Being part of a pleasant team that works together for a better world with less food waste

    ·       Possibility of traveling and developing customer contact

    Interested? Do not wait!

    If you are energized by the above vacancy or just would like to visit us to discuss the possibilities, please contact us on

  • How can circularity be incorporated into the business model of a company? Option I

    This topic is currently not available. Please check back in November 2020.

  • How can we measure the impact of the GreenTechLab on society?

    This project concerns a Lab environment where different technoloigcal solutions may be tested (GTL-TEC4S). Society, viewed from a community of citizens, companies and organizations, forms an 'actuation' network where dialogue is continuously conducted on a healthy and high-quality living environment. The GreenTechLab in Venlo aims to achieve 25 affordable wireless sensor modules with the following measurements: particulate matter, temperature, relative humidity and air pressure. The student conducts research on the customer profile in order to create a value proposition.

    Contact person is Jean Louis-Steevensz:

  • What is the role of sustainability in the insect market?

    The slowly growing insect industry is meant to deliver sustainable alternative proteins. The student studies whether the currnt developments really consider sustainable practices.

    Contact persons are Sonja Floto-Stammen/Natalia Naranjo-Guevara:

  • Opportunities for a sustainability certification in the insect industry

    The Consumption of insects has been linked with numerous benefits, both environmental, social and human health. The student investigates whether sustainability certification can boost the insect food industry.

    Contact persons are Sonja Floto-Stammen/Natalia Naranjo-Guevara:

  • How can we provide a viable and sustainable water heating system for monuments and protected city-scrapers?

    Q-Roof provides Solar Collectors for the heating of water that may be used in combination with existing heating solutions. As such, is a sustainable solution that is particularly interesting also for monuments and protected cityscapes. The student conducts research about the monuments, the market, stakeholders and viability of Q-roofs products as a means to make monuments and protected cityscapes more sustainable.

    Contact person is Jean-Louis Steevensz: