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Boundaries are meant to be crossed

To be able to empower yourself and society it’s important that you explore en cross boundaries.

Design-Based Learning (DBL) is an educational approach based on the research processes and reasoning to generate innovative artifacts, systems and solutions. It uses the pedagogical insights of problem-based education. Broadly speaking, DBL can be seen as an instruction method that involves students in solving realistic (design) problems while reflecting on the learning process.

It emphasizes the planning and design of activities that resemble authentic technical environments where students make decisions in the design of cognitive thinking processes as they go through iterations in generating specifications, making predictions, experiencing and creating solutions, testing and communicating.

The focus of learning is in defining opportunities and creating concepts through a design-led innovation process. Acquiring the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to perform these conceptual developments prepares professionals who are able to handle contemporary complex issues and search for hidden opportunities in order to develop these into value-creating concepts.

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