Accountability & Policy: Proving that PE works?

Mini-keynote introduction by Prof. Dr. Dawn Penney followed by interactive discussion sessions

In many countries accountability is deemed more and more important within the educational field. When it comes to PE, accountability may often be linked to the question of whether PE programs can provide evidence of student learning, but may also reflect expectations that PE will have other impacts, for example on students’ health and/or lifestyles. What should comprise evidence of learning in PE? What do we need to assess? How do we prove that PE ‘works’ and in what ways? What role does policy play here? And what skills do PE teachers need to respond effectively to accountability pressures?

Prof. Dr. Dawn Penney

Edith Cowan University, School of Education

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys


Dawn is a professorial research fellow in the School of Education, leading research project developments addressing quality and equity in health and physical education, physical activity and sport.


Dawn has held senior positions in universities in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. She is an Adjunct Professor of Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy at Monash University and an Honorary visiting research fellow with Loughborough University, UK. Dawn has worked with government agencies, curriculum authorities, schools and sport organisations in collaborative research and evaluation projects addressing policy and curriculum development in health and physical education, and the provision of physical activity and sport for young people. Dawn’s experience beyond universities includes sport development and coach education.