Assessment for learning: The Holy Grail?

Mini-keynote introduction by Dr. Petter Leirhaugfollowed by interactive discussion sessions

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

Dr. Petter Erik Leirhaug

Petter E. Leirhaug is an associate professor of Physical Education, Outdoor Pedagogy and Sport Sciences at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), Norway. His teaching and research interests revolve around assessment and learning in physical education, outdoor education/friluftsliv, curriculum development and teacher education. He has a Ph.D. about assessment forlearning in physical education from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo. Leirhaug leads the research group ‘Learning in Physical Education and Friluftsliv(Outdoor Education)’. 

Before becoming a teacher educator from 2008, he has ten years of experience as physical education teacher including all levels from primary to upper secondary schools in Norway. He has also worked with Friluftsliv(Outdoor education) in Folk high school and at Outdoor Adventure Centres. Engaged by the authorities, Leirhaug has worked with evaluation projects and national physical education curriculum development. He led the group that work out guidelines for physical education teacher education when the new Norwegian teacher education was split into two main paths, with one particularly for primary teacher education (Years 1-7).